Stewardship & Land Management

Good conservation of lands necessitates good stewardship, or the active management of the land to ensure its health and vitality for the future. The Thousand Islands Land Trust has an extensive Stewardship staff, who work year round to care for TILT’s Preserves, as well as to monitor TILT’s Conservation Easement lands. Stewardship activities include trail clearing and marking, mowing of grasslands, management of invasive species on Preserve lands, management to enhance wildlife and bird habitat, and ensuring that the terms outlined in Conservation Easements are observed.  

With over 11,000 acres of land to steward, TILT can’t be everywhere all the time. Therefore, we also rely on our Preserve Stewardship Volunteers to assist with maintenance of the various trails we have throughout the region. This group of dedicated volunteers ensure that trails are passable and open for the public year round. They also monitor Preserves for invasive species infestations and for species of interest and special concern that indicate Preserve health.

You too can help steward your favorite preserve & trail! Check out our upcoming Preserve Stewardship Volunteer training sessions and sign-up today!

land management Projects

  • Pale Swallow-wort

    Controlling Pale Swallow-wort

    Invasive species like Pale Swallow-wort can have a profoundly detrimental impact on some habitats.

  • Management practices keep grasslands open.

    Management for Grassland Birds

    Grasslands are among the most threatened habitats in the Northeast. Managing grasslands is essential for the survival of some neotropical, migratory songbird species.

  • A TILTrek observes the Golden-winged Warbler habitat at Otter Creek.

    Shrubland Species Management: Golden-winged Warbler

    The St. Lawrence Valley Partnership for Golden-winged Warblers is working to improve habitat for and provide education about this declining species.

  • Mowing takes place on a three-year rotation to control the growth of brush.

    Grassland Management

    Grasslands are managed for wildlife species habitat through mowing and clearing.

stewardship Projects

  • Opening up grasslands on Grenadier Island

    Habitat Management & Restoration

    Stewardship involves maintenance and/or restoration of essential habitats, per a preserve's individual management plan.

  • Suspension bridge at Otter Creek under construction

    Trail Construction & Maintenance

    The Land Trust currently owns and manages over 20 miles of multi-use recreational trails throughout the greater Thousand Islands region. These rustic trails open the door to TILT’s Signature Preserves and are accessible to the public year-round, providing individuals with unique outdoor experiences across a variety of landscapes.

  • Shelters and decoys are placed on the shoals.

    Gull Exclusion Grid

    A gull exclusion grid is installed each April on the Eagle Wings shoals (Clayton) and Tidd Island (Orleans) to protect Common Tern nesting habitat.