The conservation of 1000 Islands begins with landowners who have a passion for the region and want to ensure that the unique character of the region is protected now and for future generations. TILT has several conservation options for landowners interested in conserving their land. Since each property has a variety of characteristics that a landowner may wish to conserve, we encourage all interested landowners to contact TILT to explore the possible conservation options for their particular property.

Conservation Easement

A Conservation Easement is a voluntary agreement between a landowner and a qualified organization, such as TILT, that limits specific activities on the land to protect its conservation values. The landowner continues to own the land, but donates specific rights, protecting the land from over-development and ensuring its conservation for the future.

Donation/Sale of Property

The donation of property means transferring the full ownership of the land to a Land Trust. Land Trusts then hold the land in perpetuity, ensuring its conservation and care forever. There are several options available for transferring the property.

For more information, please contact Spencer Busler, TILT's Director of Land Conservation.