Habitat Management & Restoration

Stewardship involves maintenance and/or restoration of essential habitats, per a preserve's individual management plan.

The Thousand Islands Land Trust is unique among land trusts, as we not only conserve lands, we also work to manage them and improve them, maintaining and providing enhanced habitat for the areas native flora and fauna. Through the management of preserved lands, we are ensuring that these habitats remain in perpetuity.

When TILT acquires a property, it is analyzed to determine the natural resources, species of special concern, and historical uses of the land. Each property is given a management plan, which outlines whether the property will remain forever wild, in a natural state and unmanaged, or if the property will be managed to maintain grasslands, shrublands, forests or wetlands. These management plans can be very sophisticated, especially is management for specific species is involved. TILT’s Partnership for Golden-winged Warblers is a great example of sophisticated management techniques we are currently using on our Otter Creek Preserve to restore and manage habitat for this imperiled bird species and other shrubland species.

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