Trail Construction & Maintenance

The Land Trust currently owns and manages over 20 miles of multi-use recreational trails throughout the greater Thousand Islands region. These rustic trails open the door to TILT’s Signature Preserves and are accessible to the public year-round, providing individuals with unique outdoor experiences across a variety of landscapes.

One focal point of TILT’s mission is to preserve recreational opportunities for public enjoyment. TILT’s trails meander through mature hardwood forests, cross flourishing wetlands, and span steep ravines, providing their users with something new to explore with every visit.

TILT’s stewardship staff works diligently to provide and maintain these trails to ensure safe conditions and enjoyable experiences for all hikers, bikers, snow-shoers, and cross-country skiers. Trail maintenance activities include: mowing, hedging, trail marking, bridge construction & repair, chainsaw work, and other efforts required to keep trails open and clear. TILT relies heavily on an extensive group of volunteers to be the eyes and ears on the ground, providing information so any issues can be addressed in a timely manner.

With a rotational maintenance schedule in place, each trail and corresponding preserve is visited between four and five times a year. In both Spring and Fall, TILT holds volunteer stewardship work days where those who enjoy using the trails or those who wish to be involved get a chance to put some time into the physical aspects and/or components of the trail. These efforts provide the necessary maintenance needed to keep TILT’s trails accessible year around.

Currently, TILT has 10 Signature Preserves & Trails and the following are open to the public: Foster-Blake Woods Preserve & Nature Trail, Zenda Farms Preserve – Lois Jean & John MacFarlane Trail, Grindstone Island Preserve & Nature Trail, S. Gerald Ingerson Preserve & Nature Trail, Sissy Danforth Rivergate Trail, Otter Creek Preserve & Nature Trail, Crooked Creek Preserve – Macsherry Trail, and the Chippewa Bay Preserve & Nature Trail.

Get out on the land and come check out TILT’s Signature Preserves and Trails.

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