• Jake Tibbles shows a very ugly grub to Arbor Day volunteers.


    From the Director: Looking Forward, Feeling Grateful

    Conserving land is a delicate balance between protecting the natural resources that exist today and anticipating what the future might bring.

  • Ken on his Grindstone Island Mule Tour


    Leaving a Legacy - Ken Deedy

    Ken Deedy, founder of TILT and life-time advocate of environmental stewardship and education in the Thousand Islands, died on August 8, 2018.

  • Conservation, Grants

    Wetland Restoration Project Underway at Otter Creek in Alexandria Bay

    Restoration is underway in Otter Creek to open up the dense cattail marsh for wildlife.

  • Welcome center with desk, brochures, maple syrup
    The Mary & Ted Mascott Welcome Center at Zenda Farms Preserve

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    Welcome to the Creamery - Zenda's HQ!

    Renovations to the Creamery will make it more suitable for classroom and office space.

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    Inside TILT

    Dedicated staff engage with the community; trustees recommit to the organization.

  • Pale Swallow-wort
    Pale Swallow-wort

    Community Interests, Conservation, Grants, Newsletters

    Grant Secured to Combat Pale Swallow-wort Infestation

    The Carleton Island Pale Swallow-wort project receives $35,000 2017 Invasive Species Rapid Response and Control Grant.

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    A Summer Land Steward Writes

    The Ames Family Stewardship Fund supports one of our summer land steward positions annually. Katie Beeles filled that position.

  • Conserved Land on the Indian River in Rossie
    Conserved Land on the Indian River in Rossie

    Conservation, Grants, Newsletters

    TILT Receives Great Lakes Restoration Initiative Funding for Land Protection

    TILT was awarded $211,800 of grant funding for habitat protection in the St. Lawrence River/Great Lakes watershed.

  • View of beautiful blue and lavender sky over green marsh
    Broudy wetlands. Photo by Chris Murray

    Conservation, Grants, Newsletters

    Goose Bay Wetlands Conserved

    TILT purchased over 300 acres of wetlands adjacent to the Crooked Creek Preserve for its ecosystem rarity, species vulnerability and irreplaceability.

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    Summer Land Stewards Hired

    A new crew of Summer Land Stewards are hired

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    The Future of Zenda Farms

    A Vision Inspired by its Past

  • Community Interests, Newsletters

    ZPAC Gains New Member

    Allan Newell joins the Zenda Farms Preserve Advisory Committee

  • Carol Munro


    Carol Munro Elected Trustee Emerita

    Long-time trustee elected Trustee Emerita

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    Education Program Fully Funded

    TILTreks & Talks Education Fund Established at Northern New York Community Foundation

  • Bud & Diane Ames

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    New Summer Land Steward Fund Created

    A family gift establishes new Summer Land Steward Fund.

  • Nicole Gokey, Education & Outreach Intern


    You Did It!

    You funded our Education & Outreach Internship!

  • Conservation, Newsletters

    More Muskie Habitat Conserved

    Wetlands protected near the T.I. Bridge.

  • Conservation, Grants, Newsletters

    Restoring the Rivergate Trestle

    A Parks, Preservation & Heritage grant will help TILT for the planning for a significant upgrade to and extension of the Sissy Danforth Rivergate Trail between Clayton and LaFargeville.

  • Article, Conservation

    Developer donates parcel of wetland to local trust

    Property along Blind Bay (near the T.I. Bridge) donated to TILT.

  • Pale Swallow-wort

    Article, Conservation, Grants

    TILT pursues funding to combat invasive plant on Carleton Island

    An infestation of pale swallow-wort on Carleton Island has prompted the The Thousand Islands Land Trust to pursue state funding to remove it.