• Immature Merlin, photo by Julie Covey


    Guess Who's Coming to Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner?

    by Gerry Smith. Have you noticed small birds disappearing from your yard? Merlin may be the reason.

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    NNYCF - Legacy and Partnership

    A note from Rande Richardson, Executive Director of the Northern New York Community Foundation

  • 2019 Summer Interns: Ryan Aubertine, Campbell Lake, Sean Deedy (missing Will Wyland)


    Summer Interns and Land Stewards Report

    Summer staff make a significant contribution to the conservation work of the land trust through the Summer Land Steward Program and the Education & Outreach Internship.

  • Rebecca becomes a real River Rat by walking on the ice

    Blog, Newsletters

    How Many Bridges Does It Take to Find Canada?

    Join us on our Common Ground. This issue's blog post comes from a New Jersey transplant who has been captured by the Thousand Islands.

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    Thousand Islands Forever

    Leave a legacy to the Thousand Islands and all who love them.

  • Zenda Farms Preserve


    TILT's Signature Preserves

    Grant funding provides for trail revitalization.

  • Doug McLellan and Caroline Yung


    Celebrating Volunteers

    TILT's Volunteer Awards were presented at Northern Flow Vineyards in August.

  • Staff, board, and volunteers of TILT, Save The River, and Minna Anthony Common Nature Center


    Ken Deedy's Legacy

    Ken Deedy had the idea for an internship that would support three environmental organizations in the Thousand Islands. With his inspiration - and generosity - it has been fully funded.

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    New Video Highlights Zenda Farms Preserve

    The ongoing progress at Zenda Farms continues to garner public interest from many different perspectives.

  • Potters Beach Clean Up
    Potters Beach Clean Up


    Volunteering at TILT

    On behalf of TILT, I would like to thank all past volunteers, and warmly welcome all interested supporters, to our newly revitalized volunteer program.

  • 2019 Raffle
    2019 Raffle


    2019 Raffle Features Belted Kingfisher

    Hand-carved by Glenn Sweet, this wonderful sculpture stands 17” tall and features a Belted Kingfisher standing guard over his likely dinner, a tasty perch.

  • Belted Kingfisher photo by Martin Zonnenberg
    Belted Kingfisher photo by Martin Zonnenberg


    The River Rat of the Bird World Belted Kingfisher

    by Gerry Smith, Consulting Ornithologist

  • Kate Breheny on Tidd Island
    Kate Breheny on Tidd Island


    A Familiar Face Comes to TILT

    Kate Breheny joined the TILT team this January as the organization’s new Membership Coordinator.

  • Terra, Silas and Freddy Bach
    Terra, Silas and Freddy Bach


    Growing up in the 1000 Islands

    Join us on our Common Ground. Together we will discuss, learn and celebrate all things related to land conservation in the 1000 Islands.

  • Accredited Land Trust
    Accredited Land Trust


    TILT Applies for Renewal of Accreditation

    TILT is excited to announce that it will be applying for renewal of accreditation this fall, as the organization wraps up its 10th year as an accredited land trust.

  • Algonquin to Adirondack Region
    Algonquin to Adirondack Region


    The A2A Corridor

    Not far below the flowing waters and rocky soils of the St. Lawrence River Valley lies an ancient hourglass. Within this hourglass flows not the sands of time, but the quiet and consistent movement of wildlife, people, and their genetic diversities.

  • 2018 Thousand Islands Land Trust 2018 Milestones
    Thousand Islands Land Trust 2018 Milestones


    10,000 Acres Conserved

    Conservation projects in 2018 took TILT’s land portfolio past the 10,000 acre mark. Several of these acquisitions are adjacent to existing conservation land, expanding contiguous areas for wildlife habitat.  

  • Press Releases

    Rusho family conveys 67 acres on Grindstone to TILT

    Published in the Thousand Islands Sun March 13, 2019

  • The dairy barn at Zenda Farms Preserve, Clayton


    TILT is awarded grant for dairy barn designs

    Published in the Thousand Islands Sun February 6, 2019

  • Picton Island's preserved natural shorelines help protect the water quality, habitat, and scenic view of the 1000 Islands. Photo by Feather in Flight Productions.

    Article, Conservation

    TILT expands conservation efforts on Picton Island

    Published in the Thousand Islands Sun January 23, 2019