S. Gerald Ingerson Preserve

Woodlands and grasslands along McCarn Creek in Clayton.

Directions to the preserve:  The S. Gerald Ingerson Preserve can be accessed from a brand new trailhead on East Line Rd., across from the Antique Boat Museum's Doebler Storage Building.

This 140 acre preserve, lying south of Clayton's village is a mosaic of wildlife habitats: successional shrub lands, oak and pine along with maple forests and McCarn Creek running through. It includes two miles of the Sissy Danforth Rivergate Trail, which here, is restricted to non-motorized traffic.

The Ingerson family was inspired to conserve this land by their father, S. Gerald Ingerson, who introduced them to the outdoors and the wonder of nature.

Preserving this land protects McCarn Creek, a tributary to French Creek, which is important spawning habitat for fish species, and serves as a filter to clean water that flows into the St. Lawrence.

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