TILT Receives Gift in Memory of Richard Macsherry and Ken Deedy

Molly Macsherry MacWade and her husband Darden MacWade have made a wonderful gift to the Land Trust in memory of Molly’s father, Richard Macsherry, and in Thanksgiving for Ken Deedy.

Their gift of $100,000 establishes the Macsherry Family Stewardship Fund. Income from this dedicated fund will be used to support a major stewardship project each year.

The Macsherry family members have long been a towering example of service to their comunities. All along the River and in Watertown there is evidence of their commitment to the region and their genuine caring for the people who live here.

With this gift, Molly and Darden MacWade honor two people whose dedication to the North Country was without bounds.

This donation was made through a donor-advised fund, stewarded by the Northern New York Community Foundation.

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