Reviewing and Renewing

TILT will be applying for renewal of accreditation by the Land Trust Alliance Accreditation Commission in 2019.

Accreditation indicates that your land trust meets the highest national standards for land trust practices and procedures, and assures the land trust’s ability to meet its obligations to protect land in perpetuity. The process requires re-accreditation every five years.

TILT was first accredited in 2009, in the second class of land trusts to achieve this distinction, and in 2015, it earned “Renewed Accreditation” status. 

This cycle represents the second time TILT will apply for renewal.

More Recent News

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    New Video Highlights Zenda Farms Preserve

    The ongoing progress at Zenda Farms continues to garner public interest from many different perspectives.

  • Potters Beach Clean Up
    Potters Beach Clean Up


    Volunteering at TILT

    On behalf of TILT, I would like to thank all past volunteers, and warmly welcome all interested supporters, to our newly revitalized volunteer program.

  • 2019 Raffle
    2019 Raffle


    2019 Raffle Features Belted Kingfisher

    Hand-carved by Glenn Sweet, this wonderful sculpture stands 17” tall and features a Belted Kingfisher standing guard over his likely dinner, a tasty perch.

  • Belted Kingfisher photo by Martin Zonnenberg
    Belted Kingfisher photo by Martin Zonnenberg


    The River Rat of the Bird World Belted Kingfisher

    by Gerry Smith, Consulting Ornithologist