New Video Highlights Zenda Farms Preserve

By Rebecca Dahl, Zenda Farms Program Director

The ongoing progress at Zenda Farms continues to garner public interest from many different perspectives. With a multitude of lenses to view Zenda with—from the unique architecture of the barns, the history of the Farm, the conserved wildlife habitats, our various programs, and the revival of agricultural activity, it can be pretty tough to sum all that Zenda Farms truly is in one fell swoop.

Thankfully in the modern era we have the tools to do this artfully.

From Spring 2018 through Fall 2018, TILT worked with Gananoque-based media business, LTRCorp, to develop a video showcasing Zenda Farms’ “fascinating history and equally exciting future.”  Interweaving personal accounts from community members with close ties to Zenda Farms throughout the ages, the story begins with the establishment of the ‘Zenda Estate’ and moves through the development of this state-of-the-art dairy farm—its agricultural legacy and the cultural imprint it has made on Clayton.  

Continuing into present day, the video shares accounts from some of Zenda’s biggest fans and showcases the plethora of activities that take place at Zenda Farms, from our KidsTreks to the infamous Community Picnic, and includes an inside look at the Zenda Community Garden and the new agricultural activity with our partners Coyote Moon Vineyards and Homestead Heritage Cheese, developing Zenda Farms® Red Wine and Zenda Farms® Organic Cheese.

Sharing the story and legacy of this very special place with the public is incredibly important to us and to the many who love Zenda. We are honored by former Farm Manager, Bob Kittle’s words: “it’s very rewarding for me to see Zenda [and] what it is today.”

We continue to be so grateful for those who treasure and support Zenda, including our video interviewees (Charlene Greene, Bob Kittle, Ralph Downey, and Tara Clark), Doug McLellan and LTRCorp for their generous support throughout the making of the video, and the Land Trust Alliance’s New York State Conservation Partnership Program who provided funding for the production.

The video is featured on our website now, be sure to check it out and be inspired!  

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