Mission Support Campaign Conserving The Place We Love

Join our ambitious campaign to conserve land and make it available to the public, forever.

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Campaign Goal: $3,700,000

We have surpassed our goal.

Why Supporting TILT NOW is more important than ever!

  1. photo by Martin Zonnenberg

    The future of the 1000 Islands depends on the health of our land, water and wildlife…

  2. photo by Jake Tibbles

    Our region is beloved, but facing increasing threats from over-development, invasive species and climate changes…

  3. photo by Chris Murray

    Without your help, the ecological, scenic and recreational value of the 1000 Islands could be lost forever.

We Can Achieve…

Land and Water Conservation and Restoration ($1,900,000)

We will conserve 4,000 additional acres of our region’s most precious wetlands, creeks, grasslands and forests. These are lands that support our region’s ecological health, economic vitality, and quality of life.

Land & Water Conservation$1,500,000
Land Management & Restoration$250,000
Land & Easement Defense$150,000

Signature Preserve Stewardship Endowment ($1,250,000)

We will sustain the Land Trust’s signature preserves by building endowment and by continuing the stewardship work required to maintain these iconic examples of our great region.

Zenda Farms Preserve & MacFarlane Trail$500,000
Grindstone Island Preserves & Nature Trail$250,000
Otter Creek Preserve & Nature Trail$200,000
Crooked Creek Preserve & Macsherry Trail$200,000
Sissy Danforth Rivergate Trail$100,000

Connecting People to Nature ($325,000)

We will further expand and enhance the vibrant quality of the Land Trust’s TILTreks & Talks Program. By establishing an Environmental Education Endowment Fund, we can ensure that all people have the opportunity to connect with nature. Our KidsTreks, TeenTreks and TILTKids Camps will help inspire the land stewards of tomorrow, who will continue to care for our 1000 Islands.

Environmental Education Endowment$250,000
Enhance & Expand Educational Programs $75,000

Building Institutional Capacity and Excellence ($225,000)

We will expand our institutional capacity and professional development by upgrading the Land Trust’s communication and technology infrastructure and establishing an endowment fund for staff development and retention.

Office Sustainability Rehab$140,000
Professional Development Endowment $75,000
Communications & Technology Infrastructure $10,000

Naming & Tribute Gifts

A tribute gift honors a special person, dedicating a place with their name. It's a meaningful way to help conserve the Thousand Islands for generations to come.

Molly MacWade

It seemed only fitting that we named one of the TILT trails after our parents. We cherish this place as we cherish our family.

Molly Macsherry MacWade; providing a gift to create the Macsherry Trail with her brothers in honor of their parents.
Bill and Judy Munro

Many folks do not realize the impact that they have on our wetlands, forests, rivers and all creatures.

Judy Munro; Murray Isle resident since 1962

Join The Thousand Islands Forever Legacy Program

Provide a legacy of conserved land for future generations! This is one of the most valuable, enduring gifts you can ever give. Join the Thousand Islands Forever Legacy Program to both support your loved ones and make a lasting impact on this place we love.

Including TILT in your estate planning, through any number of planned giving options, provides advantages to your family and the future of open land. Once our natural areas are developed, we can never get them back. Your Thousand Islands Forever Legacy Program membership protects our community’s most treasured resources so that future generations may enjoy them.

Ada Mae Fearon

My great-grandchildren are 7th generation on the River ... No matter where they live, they all come back to the beautiful St Lawrence. We want to preserve it for the next 7 generations, and more!

Ada May Fearon; Longtime T.I. Park resident