Treks & Camp

TILTreks, KidsTreks and TILTKids Day Camp are great programs to get out on the land and experience the natural world in the Thousand Islands.

TILTreks include birding, hiking, kayaking, and history outings, as well as Stewardship Days and other volunteer events.

KidsTreks feature great kid-oriented activities like "Ichthyologist for a Day" when we visit Thousand Islands Biological Station on Governor's Island and learn what it is like to be a real fish scientist. You can even catch a fish!

TILTKids Day Camp is a special themed program with several activities aimed at exploring the theme more completely. Camps have included Invasive Inspectors, Let's Migrate, and Nature Rocks!


Most TILTreks are free and open to the public, while some are reserved for TILT members only.